Savour Southern Italy With Our New Regional Menu

A unique sense of cultural pride evolved in Italy’s notorious south, where Homer himself spoke of the lavish campagna. From the mountainous terrain of Calabria to the warm coast of Catania, Sicily’s gastronomy thrives in its diverse range of cultural origins. In contrast to the quaint Adriatic Coast, the Sicilian terrain is geographically considered a ‘crossroad,’ wherein generations of civilisations left traces of their ethnic fare throughout quests to conquer the West.

Ancient roots tell tales of a fruitful palate; the divine balance between rural dishes of locally grown wheat and fresh olive oil, and the coastal seafood cuisine. Our most recent Regional lunch Menu explores the pastoral splendour of the South’s culinary journey, offering Pizza Napoli to begin, introducing the rich classics of Italian food.

Continue the odyssey with linguini con sarde – hand cut linguini with fennel and sardines – or the maccheroni alla norma – an uninhibited serving of homemade pasta with eggplant, tomato and ricotta salata.

Following the pasta course is pesce con salmoriglio – grilled market fresh fish, zesty oregano and lemon pesto, with a side of kipfler potatoes. Or, alternatively, rosticciana di maiale alls Calabrese – succulent grilled pork spareribs, nduja and honey, completed with friarelli Napoletani peppers.

Muse the cobbled streets while enjoying cassata – traditional Sicilian ricotta, speckled with candied citrus and rounded by chocolate cake.

Our regional menu is served with the inspiriting nuances of Corte Giara Pinot Grigio.

Envelop yourself in Southern Italian fare for lunch Tuesday to Saturday throughout January 2015.

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