A Journey Down South.

Southerner’s of Italy have what can easily be described as a riotous food habit – at least in the colour and combination. Seafood rich and loaded up with the Italian specialities; Sicily, Campania and Calabria hold the key to classic pastas, salads, soups and home to the Neapolitan pizza.

Down in the lands of Sicily and Calabria simple combinations come alive. This month we bring to you oil based pasta’s, handmade into maccheroni alla norma – pasta, eggplant, tomato and ricotta salada – just to start you off. Tenderly combined with grilled Gooralie pork chops, nduja and honey – costolette di maiale alla Calabrese.

Combining an evolutionary blend of colours and flavours that are unlikely, yet highly rewarding. Allow yourself the sensation of hand rolled spaghetti with fennel and sardines – Spaghetti con sarde; followed by a Sicilian couscous with market fresh fish, seafood and saffron – Couscous alla Trapanese.

Matched the Umbrian glass of Biji Orvieto Trebbiano Toscana – We’re making it simple, but significant every Tuesday to Saturday throughout January.