A tale of two regions; Emilia-Romagna

Home to many of Italy’s most renowned foods: Ragouts, braises, lentils, seafoods from the Adriatic and of course no dish is found that doesn’t call for at least a spoonful of Parmesan.

The incredible variety of Emilia-Romagna’s cuisines comes about from an elusive combination of two separate regions: Emilia’s rich and hearty cuisines of Po valley and northern Tuscany, and Romagna, the mountainous east coastlines delivering an abundance of seafood.

Whether you’re indulging in a connoisseur’s choice of smooth and elastic pasta, or the succulent wintery pork cheeks, our latest regional menu will have you snug at our table for hours on end.

Match your Pasta di maiale (cheese filled pasta with wild mushroom ragu) or Brodetto Adriatico (Seafood stew from the Adriatic Coast) with a glass of First Drop ‘Vivo’ Arneis from the Adelaide Hills.

Lunchtime escapades in Emilia-Romagna? See the full Emilia-Romagna Regional Lunch menu here.