An Adriatic Summer



Travelling the western seaboard of the Adriatic is renowned as the gentler side to Italy. Sandy beaches, gentle seas; all favoured by families and encompasses the essence of family cooking.

Succumb to the beauty of Mediterranean cuisine and excellent seafood, offering an explosion of flavours, scents and aromas. Bar Alto utilises the finest ingredients stemming from Adriatic Coastal specialties; seafood’s, lamb, chicken and rabbit due to their relatively inhospitable rocky landscape that restricts beef.

The ambiance afforded by a table with an Adriatic view can be felt as you sit overlooking the watery views at the Powerhouse; adding that indefinable something to your meal.

Begin your afternoon with hand molded Orecchiette pasta, made with local durum wheat and oil, Italian sausage, broccolini and chilli, and work your way through salsiccia di capra – house made grilled goat sausage, green olives and crushed kipflers.

Or witness a taste sensation that is found in ricotta cavatelli, zucchini, lemon and pinenuts, followed by a traditional tiella Tarantina – market fresh seafood and potato lasagna.

With a glass if Sant’ Elisa Pinot Grigio in hand and a warm Summers day; the perfect ending will encompass a Adriatic love of lots of oil on the Adriatic Coast. Treat yourself to a torta di limone – olive oil and lemon cake with stewed cherries.

Summer is here, so why not take a trip to the coastal life of Italy’s famously warm Mediterranean hospitality.