An Italian cuisine essential: Liguria.

Liguria is home to one of Italy’s most sought after pasta sauces, pesto. The ancient fishing region is less famous for it’s UNESCO World Heritage Listed historical and natural treasures found scattered throughout the four provinces: Imperia, Savona, Genoa and La Spezia.

The narrow crescent of land in Italy’s north-west boasts 350km of coast and is bordered by sea, alps and the Apennines Mountains, which makes for a mild climate year round and is ideal for growing olives and wine grapes.

Liguria’s capital, Genoa, is one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean region and boasts aristocratic mansions, colourful buildings and historic churches. The region’s natural significance is rivalled only by its hearty Italian cuisine.

Shared boarders with France and Italian regions Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany influence Liguria’s unsurprisingly seafood rich cuisine. Try our pesce al limone for panfried market fish flavoured with Ligurian olives, lemon, capers and salsa verde.

The hills of Liguria are lush with fragrant herbs and wild mushrooms – combine these with wild game and you’ve got the rustic, country inspired tastes of our gallina ripiena – free-range chicken stuffed with veal sweetbreads and seasonal mushrooms.

If you can’t make it to Italy this March, don’t miss it – drop in and see us at Bar Alto to sample our Lingurian Regional Menu for some traditional Italian food and Sant’ Elisa Pinot Grigio Venito.