April Regional Menu: Piedmont










Piedmont is a land of mountains. Sitting in Italy’s northwest and bordering Switzerland and France, the Alps form the background of sweeping, picturesque valleys. With rolling cultivated hills and vineyards dotted with small towns and castles… this is not your typical Gondola and pizza territory. It’s a region of slow food and fine wine and an atmosphere slightly more Français than Italiano.

Famous for rich dishes featuring truffles and cream sauces, Piedmont boasts of an immense variety of antipasti. Some of their most typical specialty dips include fonduta and bagna càuda, with a grissini breadstick. The local variation of fonduta is an egg yolk enriched fondue made with Fontina cheese, milk, plenty of butter and sometimes garnished with shaved white truffle.

Some of their distinctive mouth-watering dishes include braised beef in Barolo wine, civet of hare, gnocchi alla bava, creamy risottos and a wide array of cheeses including Gorgonzola from Novara and many others.

We must not forget that Piedmont is home to some of Italy’s most noble grapes, Nebbiolo and its two regional champions Barolo and Barbaresco. Turin and Cuneo are also known for their long-standing chocolate obsession to help fuel those outdoor adventures in the nearby Alps.

To step into a tasteful culinary experience, our regional menu is available Tuesday to Saturday throughout April. The menu will feature the traditional flavours and dishes of cheese, fried meats and seasonal vegetables, beef short ribs braised in red wine, and a bonèt – a warm custard cake with chocolate and ameretti.

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