August Regional Menu: Emilia-Romagna

Affectionately known as ‘the heart of Northern Italy’, Emilia-Romagna is a region known for its breathtaking scenery, and even more so for its bursting-with-flavour cuisine. Nestled amongst mountainous terrain and the stunning seaside, Emilia-Romagna is undoubtedly one of the most diverse and captivating regions of Italy.

Much like the geography, the cuisine of Emilia-Romagna is heavily influenced by both mountains and sea, with cured meats and fresh seafood acting as staples in any local resident’s diet. This results in an enchanting combination of both bold and refined cuisine that is packed with flavour at every bite.

Being responsible for some of the country’s most renowned and much-loved foods, we can thank Emilia-Romagna for prosciutto di parma, parmigiano-reggiano and balsamic vinegar. Chefs in this region are known for their spectacular presentation, with a specialty in any quality restaurant being fresh made by hand.

As Emilia-Romagna is one of the wealthiest and most developed regions in Europe, no lavish ingredient or garnish is ever spared, with rich and comforting flavours running a common theme through all dishes due to the colder climate.

We have been inspired by these flavours to create warm and decadent dishes that will be the perfect send-off to our Brisbane winter. Whether you desire a two or three course lavish spread, we enhance your Northern Italian experience with a glass of pinot grigio.

Join us as we take a journey through the diverse and luxurious region of Emilia-Romagna every Tuesday to Saturday for lunch this August. Click here to view the full menu.