The unique history of pasta.

May 2017

With its food roots steeped in so much history, every element of an Italian meal holds a story. Pasta is an Italian icon, but did you know that different types of pasta hold unique stories of origin? Each of our pasta dishes spins a tale – from the roots of its name to its modern [...]

Recipe Reveal: Gnocchi

February 2017

Bar Alto’s famous gnocchi Ingredients:  Desiree potatoes- 1.25 kg (skin on scrubbed and clean) Plain flour -  330 gm Salt- 20 gm   Method:  In a large pot cover potatoes with plenty of cold water and bring to a boil. Simmer till just cooked or a skewer or knife can pierce smoothly through and drain. [...]

Wine Pick of the Month

February 2017

2014 Marcarini Roero Arneis, Piedmont, Italy I never used to get Arneis.  You see it’s a low acid variety and that’s something that we ‘new worlders’ frequently get a bit perplexed by. In white wines if it doesn’t have ‘acid drive’ ‘a core of crisp acidity’ ‘acid backbone’ and so on it instantly gets relegated [...]

The Caprese Salad

January 2017

  Italian cuisine is immersed in the art of transforming simple, natural ingredients into something irresistible, a quality highlighted in our authentic Caprese salad. Lovers of Italian food Brisbane-wide will be well acquainted with this stunning summer dish, a simple combination of heirloom tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, and organic olive oil. It’s believed the Caprese [...]

How to celebrate New Year’s Eve like an Italian

December 2016

When it comes to celebrating a Brisbane New Year’s Eve, there are three key ingredients to put on the menu for a perfect night out: riverside views, delicious food and plentiful wine. Bars with balloon drops and crowded dance floors might be the ideal New Year’s Eve venues for some, but for those looking for [...]