Brisbane Comedy Festival: Don’t Laugh on an Empty Stomach

Brisbane Comedy Festival is still bringing the chortles. In need of a good chuckle or giggle?

Brisbane Powerhouse is already in week three of the Brisbane Comedy Festival, but never fear – the laughs aren’t over yet. Still to bring some LOLs include British comedian Paul Foot; triple J’s estranged ex, Tom Ballard; Sam Simmons; Wil Anderson and many more A-listings. The line up doesn’t get much better than this!

The 2015 Brisbane Comedy Festival has brought over 40 comedians from Australia and around the world to make you fall off your chairs in hysterics or cry with laughter. After many years running, it only continues to get better, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to feel happiness at the hands of some grown men, women and their inappropriate and too close to home jokes.

Of course, we can’t have you laughing on an empty stomach. Being just next-door at the Brisbane Powerhouse, Bar Alto are providing a bar under the stars in the courtyard on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the festival. Get in for a quick pizza and beer first, enjoy the twinkle and take a deep breath before the laughter makes your stomach sore.

Head to the festival’s official website for a look at the remaining stand ups and shows to keep you smiling.