Flavours at the centre – Lazio e Umbria

Umbrian cuisine originates from its Etruscan roots, and is characteristically simple. It relies heavily on seasonal ingredients that can be found growing within rich soil, swimming in the region’s lakes, nurtured on local farms, or discovered within lush forests scoping the nation.

The hills of Lazio are rich and fertile, and bring about heavier flavoured dishes with liberal amounts of oils, herbs and garlics. The cuisine is a throwback to the days of poverty on the skirts of the cities where peasants ate what was left, which was generally lesser cuts of beef and pork, offal, chicken and rabbit.

Together, the Lazio e Umbrian region encompasses a hierarchy of eating, splendour of rich flavours, fresh produce and rustic touches.

At Bar Alto, our latest Regional Menu has taken aboard the abundance of meats with dishes such as agnello alla romana – braised spring lamb, artichokes, semolina gnocchi and vinocotto – and combined the rich flavours of our spaghetti all’amatriciana – house made spaghetti, guanciale, chilli, onions and tomato.

The sweet tooth never suffers with a traditional torta di pistachio – pistachio cake with blood orange crema. And all can be enjoyed under a spring lunchtime with a glass of Corte Giara pinot grigio from Veneto.

Join us on our latest adventure for lunch Tuesday to Saturday from 11am. Check out the full Lazio e Umbria Regional Menu here.