Heart of the Alps

The thriving, green countryside of The Aosta Valley lies snug between the breathtaking Rhône-Alpes of France and the Canton of Valais in Switzerland. No matter how small this region may seem, its exquisite scenery and unique cuisine has colossal impact on any traveller lucky enough to encounter it.

Pulled straight from lush surroundings and onto the plates, the cuisine of the Aosta Valley is contingent on what are considered to be “robust” ingredients: potatoes, polenta, cheese, and meat. Don’t mistake simplicity for boring. Their dishes will have you drooling on your keyboards. We’ve mustered up a number of specialties D’Aosta to save you a prolonged hike up the French Alps.

Bites: Polenta e Funghi

Earthy and rich, this polenta dish is one to savour. Seasonal mushrooms and pan-fried polenta; the two most treasured and honest ingredients in the gastronomic history of Italy are combined to bring rustic-inspired bliss to anyone’s taste buds.

Entree: Risotto di Castagne

We all (not so) secretly want to delve face first into a rich, creamy risotto. The risotto di castagne however, is unique to the Aosta Valley. Subtle hints of chestnut resonate throughout the dish for a perfect palate cleanser. Anybody ready for mains?

Mains: Salsiccia di maiale e patate

This specialty follows an authentic method of creating homemade, free-range pork sausages. Braised with potatoes and kavalo nero, this dish is superb paired with a glass of Nebbiolo d’Alba (Piedmont, Italy).

Dessert: Pera al Vin Roso

Not your usual dolci – a pastoral dessert boasting deliciously baked, wine-soaked pear. Fresh, toasted walnut ice-cream perfectly balances the intense sweetness of the fruit.