Lombardy, a Distinct Journey

Lombardy is a region home to a stella one-sixth of the total Italian population, however, it is diverse in all aspects of its society.

Surrounded by a number of distinguishing local cultures, even within the borders do you find a separation of language, flavours and produce. Culinary influences therefore are bound to be distinctive. Both rustic and rich, many dishes are laden with butter, taleggio, gorgonzola and cream.

The name, Lombardy, is taken from the long-standing barbarian rulers, the Lombard’s. Contributing a strong heritage to the landscape, which makes it nearly impossible not to ingrain strong cooking traditions in the land, evidently maintained for centuries.

It is the tradition, the resistance to alter recipes and the techniques that make the Lombardy tables suited to our very own at Bar Alto. Chef Sajith sources fresh foods to conjure up simple, homemade and wholesome cooking.

A booming cattle industry provides the perfect produce for traditional Osso Bucco, made with rich veal shanks. Agri d’Valtorta, Bagoss, Bitto, Gorgonzola are just a few of the many excellent cheeses crafted in Lombardy – Some may call it a cheese lovers paradise, and unique from it’s influences of French and Swiss culinary traditions.

Hearty filled raviolis are all round favourites, just like our casoncelli alla Bergamasca; traditional ravioli from Bergamo, veal and mild Italian sausage, with sage pancetta butter.

From traditional air cured beed from Valtellina, to the sweet sensation of the torta sbrisolana, rhubarb and spiced ice cream – It’ll be enough to keep a traveller coming back to visit for more.

Check out the Lombardy Regional Menu here.