May Regional Menu: Valle d’Aosta

Nestled against the borders of France, Switzerland and the Italian region of Piedmont, the land-locked gem of Valle d’Aosta is a picturesque location seemingly from another world. With sweeping valleys and the surrounding Alps, this unique region hosts the perfect climate for some of the finest wineries in Italy, including the most elevated vineyard in all of Europe.

Valle d’Aosta’s signature dishes boast the perfected simplicity and hearty flavours that come with the region’s climate and distance from the sea. The locals utilise earthy, robust ingredients in their rustic dishes, from potatoes and polenta to meats and rye bread to create dishes full of rich, traditional flavours. Think heart-warming dishes like classic Valdostan stews, homemade sausages, and vegetable soups.

While Valle d’Aosta is Italy’s smallest wine making region, it produces fine red wines including Pinot Noir and Gamay varieties. Classic reds from neighbouring Piedmont also compliment the simple, rustic flavours of Valle d’Aosta’s cuisine.

We have taken inspiration from Valle d’Aostas hearty, comforting dishes to produce the perfect menu as Winter approaches, from savoy cabbage and pancetta soup and a creamy chestnut risotto, to homemade free range pork sausage, and red wine baked pear.

Join us during of the month of May and experience the flavours of Valle d’Aosta, available every Tuesday to Saturday.

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