Purveyors of slow food and fine wine

‘Wine country is gourmet country’ – Paul Bocuse.

This is certainly true of Piedmont: nowhere else in Italy can you find so many ambitious food producers and wine-makers.

Piedmont borders Switzerland and France, where the Alps form the background for sweeping, picturesque valleys. The cuisine here comes from the heart of the people, the history of the cities and the villages, where it has prospered and developed its own unique style.

For great cuisine, Piedmont has all the ingredients – corn and rice grow in the fertile plains of the river Po, apricots, peaches, figs and kiwi abound in Cuneo, Langhe is noted for its hazelnuts, and the Monferrato hills are world famous for their wines.

As one of Italy’s most developed and industrial areas, Piedmont is forging a new identity as its most exciting and progressive restaurant region, with a burgeoning new wave culinary scene.

Sophisticated, French-influenced, and always freshly prepared, our menu starts with the choice of the risotto ai porcini – risotto with porcini and seasonal mushrooms or the tajarin all’ antico comodino – hand cut egg pasta and chicken liver ragu.

Followed by beef short braised ribs in red wine with buckwheat polenta, or a traditional choice of mixed boiled meats with traditional sauces.

Have we left you wanting more?

Indulge in the bônet- warm custard with chocolate and ameretti, accompanied by a glass of 2010 Pala ‘I fiori’ Vermentino Sardinia, Italy.

Don’t pass up on the promise of slow food, long lunches and bold red wines from Tuesday – Saturday this month, with our Piedmont Regional menu.