Regional Lunch Menu: Tuscany



The jewel in the Italian crown Tuscany has so much that we instantly recognise as classically Italian.The birthplace of the Italian renaissance, two of its greatest and most beautiful cities in Sienna and Florence and of course that slightly off center tower in Pisa plus one of the world’s most famous wine regions, Chianti. With all this rich history it is somewhat paradoxical that the beauty of Tuscany’s cuisine lies in its purity and simplicity.





crostini di fegatini di pollo – Tuscan chicken liver crostini



ravioli gnudi – ‘nude’, spinach  and ricotta ravioli, sage butter


pici alle briciole – hand rolled spaghetti, chili, garlic and bread crumbs.



pollo al mattone – grilled chicken under a ‘brick’, panzanella salad


pesce alla Livornese – pan-fried market fresh white fish, chili, tomato, black olives,  evoo



zucotto – Florentine  cake filled with chocolate, hazelnuts, saffron cream


Served with a glass of     Corte Giara Pinot Grigio    Venito, Italy


Entrée and Main              $37.00

Entrée Main and Dessert $46.00

This menu is available for Lunch Tuesday to Saturday throughout October

Not available on public holidays and only by reservation for tables of six or more.