Sailing the sea of flavours to Sardinia

Nestled in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, mountainous Sardinia is surrounded by emerald and turquoise waters, secluded coves and silky white beaches. In the centre of the island lie natural forests, salty marshes and small areas of desert terrain where deer, wild horses and a variety of bird species reside. This ancient region boasts natural flavours and old traditions carried on through the people who call Sardinia their home.

Sardinian flavours are simple and natural to satisfy both local and foreign palates. The flavours can be both strong and delicate. Wheat is a prime ingredient on the island, making a range of tasty Sardinian breads and pastas, complemented by the rich flavours of suckling pig. Sardinia is renowned for their seafood and popular seafood delicacies on the island, featuring squid, scampi and sardines. The perfect match to this salty, rustic food is a crisp white Vermintino to complete the Sardinian flavour palate.

Our regional menu this month will feature iconic Sardinian flavours and dishes including mussels, handmade durum wheat pasta and sausage ragu, as well as oven roasted pork belly with baby fennel.

The menu is available Tuesday – Saturday throughout February. Don’t hesitate – transport yourself to an island paradise on a culinary adventure to Sardinia. Click here to see the menu.