Sardinian Flavours of the Longest-Lived

Blessed with great ‘bone structure’, the Sardinian Coast is not a land of supine meadows and soft rolling hills. Rock and sea remains the essential ingredient of Sardinia so it’s no surprise that seafood is rich and renowned.

Encompassing the flavours of fresh Scampi, squid, sardines and other seafood’s, traditional foods of Sardinians were highly influence by the land: specifically their wheat produce. Sardinia is manifesting in an abundance of pasta, seafood and perfectly matched with the crisp flavours of Vermintino wine.

Amongst their outstanding culinary specialties is the Botarga; a powerful hand kneaded smoked mullet or tuna caviar. Start your Sardinian culinary journey with a Tagliatelle, mussel, botterga di muggine (grey mullet) or the handmade durum wheat pasta of Malloreddus alla Campidancese.

There is more to Sardinia than its seafood, taste the flavours of the land by indulging in a Agnello allo zafferano, a lamb neck stew with saffron and fregula sarda.

Being one of the world’s longest living residences, their secrets lye in the substantial nature of their foods. Our hearty porceddu arrostito nel forno (oven roasted pork with baby fennel) is sure to sustain you for the evening.

The hallmark of Sardinian hospitality is welcoming people to the table; guests can count on the finest a family has to offer. So, the Bar Alto family invites you to be our guest and let us treat you to our finest Regional Lunch Menu all the way from Sardinia.