September Regional Menu: Veneto

Tucked up away in North Eastern Italy, Veneto is famous for its fresh and flavoursome cuisine, set amongst breathtaking scenery. With a captivating blend of mountainous terrain and Adriatic Coast sea views, Veneto is undeniably one of the most intriguing and beautiful regions of Italy.

Heavily influenced by the sweeping landscape, the cuisine of Veneto differs between each terrain region, and can typically be split into three different styles of cooking and dishes. In the mountainous regions, polenta is the most popular dish due to its hearty and warm flavours. In the plains, grilled meats paired with vegetables can be found in any quality restaurant due to the focus on local agriculture. And of course, those who live on the coast are lucky enough to indulge in endless fresh seafood, making the rest of the world green with envy.

Over time, all of these dishes have been well-loved and perfected by the Venetian people, to create flavours and dishes that we desire around the world such as gnocchi and ravioli. Not forgetting the impressive wine culture, Veneto traditionally produce more red wine than white, however this region is famous for their Soave wines around the world.

We have drawn inspiration from this enchanting region to create the perfect regional lunch menu as Brisbane heads into Spring. Whether you desire a two or three course lavish spread, each is served with a glass of Pinot Grigio.

Join us for lunch from 11am Tuesday to Saturday throughout September as we take a journey through the diverse region that is Veneto.