The Simple Comforts

Nestled at the foot of the Alps and steeped in Germanic culinary history, Trentino is the region to travel to for good, honest, cold weather fare. Simple yet hearty, the tastes of the region are as much a drawcard for visitors as the magnificent snow-capped mountains and picturesque lakes so characteristic of the Switzerland and Austria bordered territory.

While Slavic, Austrian and Hungarian influences feature heavily in the regions cuisine, so too do the signature markers of Italian cuisine, with the liberal use of pasta, tomatoes and olive oil. Closer to the Austrian border to the north you may find spicy wurst and stuffed cabbage alongside steaming root vegetables while in the south more classic Italian fare reigns, with pastas topped by Alpine cheeses or braised beef paired with smooth polenta.

Speck, the region’s prized smoked ham, flavours numerous dishes along with other cured meats and meaty mushrooms for slow cooked stews, risottos and ragouts topped with plump dumplings. For sweet treats apples are the kings of the orchard in this region, used in fresh and tangy salads and baked desserts.

We’ve taken our favourite flavours of the area and created a regional lunch menu that will leave your hunger sated, but your tastebuds wanting more. Paired with a Pinot Grigio from the neighbouring Venito, this is a lunch to ease the pain of the winter months.

See the full menu here and join us as we explore this intriguing marriage of Germanic and Italian cuisine, Tuesday to Saturday, this month only.