Simplicity in the Tuscan Feast

It’s the jewel of the Italian crown. Both cultural and culinary abundant, Tuscany is a region central to Italy, bordering on sweeping landscapes and rustic seas. This month, we travel to the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and two of its greatest and most beautiful cities, Sienna and Florence, for a getaway lunch that’s sure to please.

Modern Tuscan cuisine is a combination of its early roots. Growing cereals such as barley, millet, panic grass and rye to craft luscious breads. Beyond this came the cultivation of plants sacred to the Mediterranean basin: Olives and grapes. Throw in an abundance of garlic and onions, beans, legumes and rustic fruits such as pomegranates, figs, apples and strawberries and you’ve got yourself a Tuscan table.

Tuscan recipes are rich with history, yet their cuisine lies in its purity and simplicity – and brownie points go to their iconic intimate wineries.

Whether you’re getting giddy over the Ravioli Gnudi – ‘nude’, cavalo nero and ricotta ravioli, sage butter – or pleasing the sweet tooth with the Zucotto – traditional Florentine cake filled with chocolate, hazelnuts and saffron cream – no Tuscan meal is complete without a drop of Corte Giara Pinot Grigio from Veneto.

Long for a lunch of pollo al mattone – grilled chicken under a ‘brick’ with panzanella salad – or Pesce alla livorneses – pan-friend market fresh white fish, chilli, tomato, black olives and evoo.

While your Italian adventure may always seem just out of reach, we’re soothing your itch from Tuesday to Saturday, one lunch at a time.

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