The Alps of Trentino

The Italian region of Trentino-Alto Adige stretches to the borders of Lombardy and Veneto, claiming significant portions of the Southern Alps.

Its mountainous terrain is home to some of the best skiing Alps in Italy, and simply holds the things we love about Italy, all in one. Above the ‘oil line’ and a dairy-lover’s paradise, recipes often make good use of cream, butter and cheese.

Rich and flavoursome, our latest regional menu is filled with speck, mushrooms, polenta and smoked meats together with stews, risottos and ragouts.

The morsels of radicchio, horseradish, apples and asiago are the ideal bite to be enjoyed with neighbouring regional Venito wine, Corte Giara Pinot Grigio, claiming your afternoon with its inherent want for a lunchtime rendezvous.

All things dumplings, apples, sauerkraut are prized across the table in Trentino. The German influences honour the locally smoked ham called speck dell’Alto Adige, which is a regular flavour booster across the palate. Try our canederli con speck – traditional bread dumplings with speck, butter, and sage.

Our mains include rich goat stews, polenta, seafood and wine. The Spezzatino di capra – goat stew with red wine and juniper berries, buckwheat polenta – and Risotto golfo di Trieste – seafood risotto from Trieste – present notes of wide versatility and texture.

And no afternoon rendezvous would let the sweet tooth suffer. The frittelle di meia – apple fritters, orange and grappa crema – is not to be underestimated.

All in all, Trentino prevails yet again. The menu is available for lunch Tuesday to Saturday throughout August.