The Alto Pantry

Ever wondered what’s in Bar Alto’s pantry? The fresh variety of Italian ingredients and the wholesome components that make up each morsel of heaven on your plate. This month, we’ll open your eyes to the world of the Alto Pantry.

Following the Mediterranean pattern of eating, Alto’s Pantry focuses on simple, natural ingredients. While regional specialties may vary, Italy’s most famous gourmet delicacies still remain eternally famous.

There are two major pasta classifications, pasta fresca (fresh) and pasta secca (dried). There are over 400 unique types of pasta; sheets, strips, long strands, cylinders, unique shapes, flavours, and the specialised local varieties.

The mind can’t retain the number of names present for pasta, even though they are all made from the same basic ingredients. So it is your turn to delve into the Alto pantry, and unveil the iconic ingredients used by our boys in the kitchen.

Fresh herbs are used almost exclusively in Italian cooking. The Alto Pantry habitually utilises the popular Tuscan ingredient, sage. Found within each dish, the intensity of the herbs varies, and the fresh aromatic oils become an essential piece to each plate.

Like everything else you find in Italy, the meaty cuisine is quite varied. While options range from tasty oven roasted free range chicken, to a Venetian style pan friend calf’s liver, all the way down to a hearty Victorian lamb shank.

Every Italian has their go-to staple choice. Delving into a variety of ingredients, there are usually only a few that will complete a meal. From cheeses, tomatoes, oils to grains. While simple they may be, they are never underrated.

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