The Art of the Perfect Pasta Piece

“Ci Facciamo un piatto di pasta” – Let’s make a plate of pasta

Italian kids grow up sitting at benches, flour in their hair, gazing across the bench at their beloved Nonna cooking up a storm of pasta. In minutes, the pasta is rolled out, whipped around a rolling pin and spun into thin slices of pasta.

When it comes to pasta making, there is no better source than from the Italians themselves. This is where the fine art of pasta making originates, and only their many years of practise can be thanked for such masterpieces.

The most convivial of foods, it holds an important place in the Italian life. These days we all know our pappardelle from our penne, and understand the importance of different shapes for different sauces. However, many of us underestimate the simple homemade pasta piece. So we encourage you all to bring out your intimate Italian self, and attempt to introduce these skills into your life. You’ll forevermore be blessed with the art of the perfect pasta piece.

To make unforgettable fresh egg pasta, use the finest of flours for the silkiest quality pasta. Traditional recipes are adapted throughout the regions; Southern Italy adds semolina to give the pasta its bite, while northern Italians prefer eggs, and lots of them. Others may add olive oil as it produces silkier dough.

Source out some recipes, play around with the proportions and satisfy yourself with your own homemade talent.