The Elusive Veneto | Regional Lunch Menu

A region of both environmental and cultural diversity, the cuisine of Veneto is as varied and inimitable as the land itself. Nestled in the cool northern climate of Italy, the province is the most visited region, boasting a rich historical, cultural and culinary heritage.

Game meat and polenta from the mountain areas, fresh seafood from the coast and risotto from the plains come together with crisp white wines in our latest regional lunch menu.

Set the scene with a starter of polenta e schie – flavoursome bay prawns on a bed of soft polenta. Continue the romance with an entrée of risotto al nero di seppia –slow cooked in its own ink with tender cuttlefish.

Follow through with stewed daily market fish complemented by crisp asparagus, potatoes and lemon married with a dry, sparkling Prosecco or Pinot Grigio. Round off the affair with our decadent frittelles, sweet doughy pastries dusted with powdered sugar.

Embrace the robust Venetian culture and sample all four courses, available for lunch Tuesday to Saturday throughout September.

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