To Italy with Love – The Romance of a Country.

There’s something about dining out in an Italian city that just brings out the romantic in all of us. Whether you’re listening to the sensuous sound of water in Venice or getting intoxicated by the fragrance of citrus blossoms in Sicily; there’s nothing like a country made for lovers.

Of course, the link between food and love is very strong in Italy – Whether it’s a love of food, sharing food with your love or both. It’s in the air, it’s in the food, and so it’s no surprise that it’s definitely in Valentine’s Day!

No better place to surround yourself in the season of love than Italy – But if you’re not lucky enough to escape, ease your desires with an adventure to Bar Alto at The Powerhouse.

Waterside sights, the freshest Italian feasts, wine… oh and the one you love.

To Bar Alto with love.