Variety in Veneto

Veneto is one of Italy’s most renowned food and wine regions. This diverse pocket of terrain, situated in the country’s North East is home to an extensive portfolio of bold reds and crisp whites and flavoursome cuisine. Bar Alto is paying homage to this famous Italian region throughout September with a sophisticated, Venetian inspired menu.

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The varied Venetian landscape is reflected through its cuisine. The cool climate of Veneto’s Northern regions has led to the production of dry white wines like the famous Soave and Italy’s staple sparkling wine Prosecco. It’s not uncommon to see hearty dishes such as pigeon and chicken soups, as well as mushrooms and game meats served alongside these wines.

The rolling hills of Central Veneto provide artisans with ideal conditions to produce grains such as corn and rice. Meats are often paired with traditional vegetables such as potatoes, artichokes and tomatoes grown from the rich soil.

Towards the Adriatic coast locally sourced seafood is a staple ingredient and accompanies hearty risottos and pastas. Our first entrée for example, risotto al nero di seppia  has been inspired by this region and includes cuttlefish and its ink.

Our new Regional Menu will showcase the varied flavours and landscapes of Veneto over three courses of classic Italian fare.

Pair a glass of Corte Giara Pinot Grigio with these dishes to truly treat yourself to an authentic Venetian culinary experience.

This menu is available for lunch Tuesday to Saturday throughout September (not available public holidays).