We’ve got Italian Mother Syndrome…

We’ve been noticing the signs for a while now; Bar Alto’s been diagnosed with Italian Mother Syndrome.

Symptoms include:

  • We never shy away from a hungry crowd.
  • We’re not afraid to bring out a second bottle of wine.
  • Those who join us, will always leave with full bellies and a smile on their face.

But when all is said and done, it isn’t such a bad thing. We all know Italian Mother’s are the best; they’re the destination for all things delicious.

It’s no surprise; Italy is the place to find yourself a mummies boy. Or as the Italian’s refer to it, a ‘Mammoni’. Recent studies found that one in three Italian men see their mother everyday.

You got to admit – Italian Mother Syndrome holds a certain allure.

We’re embracing Italian Mother Syndrome and supporting all our fellow Mother’s out there. So come join the big mamma’s table. See you at Bar Alto this Mother’s Day.